*Common values required /shared :

  1. Commitment
  2. Implication
  3. Loyalty /Ethic
  4. Professionalism /Expertise
  5. Passion for teaching
  6. Friendliness and Congeniality

*Commitments required :

  1. Effectively participate in the school’s developpment on daily basis, devoting most of his/her time to the school.
  2. Elaborate the programs at regards of his/her own native language, in accordance with international

*standards and the school internal policy :

  1. Teach with pedagogy and by transfering his/her passion for his/her country/language.
  2. Willingness to work collaboratively and to make the school a better place.
  3. Ability to prospect and develop existing and complementary network of students.
  4. Organise, prepare and participate to the school’s regular events, insuring prospect contacts and approaches.
  5. Liaise with motivated students and  prospects to actively recommend books sales and overseas placements.
  6. Ensure proper , rich and enthusiastic teaching style thanks to an engaging personality.
  7. Keep him/herself updated with knowledge of latest curriculum & standards, constantly struggle to improve.
  8. Actively communicate with colleagues and parents when necessary.

*Code of conduct :
The teachers must absolutely be punctual for their classes andbehave with the best manners with your students

Appointed teachers at the Formosan Foreign Language Centre, are seen as a role model who shall inspire students to learn the language they are specialized in
and in order to  potentially study and live in a country where this tongue is spoken.
Teachers shall demonstrate a lot of patience with our students which means give them the attention they need, accept to slow down the pace when they speak and make an effort to articulate clearly.

Our identity entails that the teachers demonstrate a real ability to show interest for all the students, regardless of their profiles. Nobody should feel left apart. Please try to keep all the students “on board” during the classes and try to adjust the pace at the average level of the group.

Our dress code is flexible, from casual to smart casual, the level of cleanliness of the teacher must be irreproachable. Flip-flops, hear rings, nose rings, visible body piercings, caps, tee-shirts without sleeves for men and masks should be avoided within the school

In order to make the best impression on our visitors, we ask our teachers and staff to keep their presentation in a professional manner.

Teachers should leave the classrooms they used as clean as they found it. Avoiding letting behind papers or any personal stuffs.

*Modalities :

Our Teachers are paid at month end, on hourly basis.
Others rewards are possible based on Assiduity & diligence .
They are entitled to commisions on Book sales , on Enrollments of students they may introduce to the school and on abroad placements.
Working permit and other local social benefits are also provided in accordance with the Taiwan Regulations.

Interested parties shall contact our HR department, Ms Jennifer CHANG (info@ecovista-fflc.com) .